Aforza Academy

Where juniors come to compete

Aforza is THE tennis club in Calgary for competitive juniors, with excellent opportunities for tournament play. We’ve produced six national junior champions — more than any other club in Alberta — and we love tennis so much, we’ve hosted more than half the indoor tournaments in Calgary over the past 40 years!

Our Performance programs are designed to be in line with Tennis Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD). Our mission is to help juniors train toward the goal of receiving a tennis scholarship to a university in the United States or to start a career on the men’s or women’s professional tour. Players wishing to join these programs must receive approval from Marc Colangeli and Marin Cens before enrolling.


Highlights of our competitive program include:

  • check-markLeadership provided by Academy Lead Marc Colangeli, Level 3 Coach and Provincial Coach for Alberta, and Marin Cens who has a master’s degree in Sport Science and is certified by the French and Australian Tennis federations
  • check-markAnnual international trips planned to allow our athletes to gain valuable experience against some of the top players in the world
  • check-markComprehensive fitness program
  • check-markIndividual video analysis using Dartfish software (the world’s leading video analysis software)
  • check-markAforza has the largest competitive junior program in Alberta
  • check-markIndividualized annual plans for each athlete with a private coach
  • check-markPriority booking of private lessons
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Aforza Academy Programs


Ages 9 – 12

For ages 9 - 12, this program introduces juniors to competitive tennis training and to provincially sanctioned tennis tournaments. By the time juniors complete this program, they’ll be properly prepared to join either our Performance or High-Performance Program.


Ages 12 – 18

Our Performance Program is designed for juniors aged 12 - 18 who wish to play tournaments throughout Alberta and would like to achieve a provincial ranking.

High Performance

Ages 12 – 18

Designed for players aged 12 - 18 who wish to compete in and out of the Province with the goal of qualifying for the Canadian Junior Nationals and earning a top National Ranking.


18 and under

A year-round program for athletes who aim to become ranked internationally. Athletes receive 25 hours of supervised training weekly. It is highly recommended that juniors in this program go to a school with flexible class schedules so they can train in the early afternoons and travel for one to two weeks at a time.


Every young player who is part of the Aforza Academy is in elite company. As a symbol of their accomplishment and proof of their commitment, they are invited to wear on their uniforms a six-point badge representing the six pillars on which we build our programs: determination, honesty, professionalism, respect, dedication and accountability. At Aforza, we’re proud of our juniors, and it shows.