Tennis camps

Progressive and U12 Calgary Tennis Camps

For kids aged 5 - 12, these fun and interactive camps focus on improving kids’ technical skills and their ability to rally with each other. Athletes are challenged in a variety of game-based drills to improve their ability to start the point and apply simple tactics such as making their opponent move. Our coaches end each day with a fun game that keeps your children asking for more.

Aforza Academy Camps

These camps are for athletes with provincial, national, or international rankings and help prepare them for Tennis Alberta’s indoor tournament season, which starts in January each year. Athletes have systematic on-court training for the first 2.5 hours of the camp followed by 30 minutes of fitness training.

For competitive players who have already been enrolled in a performance-based program either at Aforza or another club, this camp reinforces lessons from their specific junior programs and time is spent further developing technical and tactical skills.

Register Now *Athletes who do not train in Aforza programs may be subject to an evaluation before placement.