A block booking is a 2-hour, four-person, court booking that occurs over consecutive weeks at the same time and day of the week throughout a season.
Fall and Winter block bookings are made up of approximately 15 sessions/weeks while Spring and Summer average 8 sessions. These numbers can change depending on the number of holidays, tournaments, or other interruptions that fall within the block booking.

  • Fall: Sept – Dec
  • Winter: Jan – April
  • Spring: May – June
  • Summer: July – Aug

Indoor Pricing (Fall, Winter, Spring) Member $16 +GST per session Non-member $30 +GST per session
Summer Pricing (July-Aug) Member $5 +GST per session Non-member $10 +GST per session
Check our website for more info:  https://aforza.ca/block-bookings/ or click here to request your block booking today!