Please wear a mask

On July 5th, Calgary City Council voted to repeal the Mandatory Mask Bylaw which means that individual businesses decide if they will welcome customers with or without face coverings.

We have reviewed relevant points on the issue which include the following:

  • City policy requires masking in City operated facilities including rec and leisure centres.
  • Provincial rules continue to mandate face coverings on public transit as well as taxis and rideshare cars.
  • Kids under the age of 12 are not permitted to be vaccinated, there are approx 670,000 age 12 and under kids in AB
  • In certain months 38% of our clientele are kids under the age of 12 who cannot receive protection from a vaccine.
  • Currently Calgary is seeing approx. half of the Delta and other variant cases in AB
  • Calgary is also seeing approximately half off the overall Covid cases in the province
  • 50% of Albertans ages 12+ are fully vaccinated
  • 73% of Albertans age 12+ have had one dose
  • 2 doses of vaccines are required to provide protection against the variants
  • Click here for more stats

Based on our review and to help protect children under the age of 12 who cannot be vaccinated, we have voted to continue masking in the common areas of the club.  This rule will be in place until, at least, mid-September at which time we will re-evaluate based on the Covid-rates and vaccine uptake at that time.  Common areas include the entrance area, pro shop, washrooms, change rooms, hallways, and as one is walking to, or exiting, their court.  While we no longer permit viewing of our programs and camps, parents/guardians of our youngest players (ABC participants) are exempt from this rule and will be required to mask if they choose to stay and watch.

We understand that masking has become a polarized issue and we ask everyone for your support in this decision despite personal views.  Wearing a mask is an easy but significant action that we can do to help protect those in our community who cannot receive the protection of vaccinations. Every member of our community is worth making this effort for no matter the age.

If you have any questions or comments on this topic, please reply to this email or contact
Thanks for your support, stay safe and healthy,

The Aforza Leadership Team